Vulkan RunTime Libraries – What is it and Why we need it

vulkan runtime libraries

Many times it happens that some malware is installed on our computer and in order to remove that malware we jump into control panel and uninstall all those programs that we don’t remember installing and later realize that you have also uninstalled necessary programs.

Vulkan Run Time libraries are also one of that program which often gets uninstalled by users because its name looks like a malware name and also its logo looks kind of scary. So, many of you may be wondering what it is and why do we need it on our computer( Especially if you are gamer).

In this article, I will help you to understand what is Vulkan RunTime libraries and why do we need it.

Before I start let me tell you that it is certainly not malware or virus and you don’t need to remove it from your computer.

What is Vulkan RunTime libraries

Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API. Vulkan RunTime library which is also known as VulkanRT is an API (Application programming interface) for 3D gaming. It does automatically install with your video drivers such as NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD. API is a collection of tools that can be used by developers to create games and software.

It is developed by Khronos group(a consortium focused on building open standard APIs) in 2014 and announced at game’s developer conference in 2015.

VulkanRT is the similar Graphic standard as the OpenGL and DirectX which are were also needed to run some old games. It is designed to improve 3D graphics in today’s 3D games like DOTA 2, Need For Speed, Rust, Doom, The Talos Principle, Ashes of singularity and many more.

Vulkan can be installed on Android, Windows, macOS, Nintendo, iOS, and Tizen operating systems.

Why we need Vulkan RunTime libraries

VulkanRT is built for the modern 3D games which use more CPU and GPU. It offers better performance and balanced usage of GPU and CPU in your computer. Vulkan was needed because OpenGL and DirectX were built for the single-core CPUs which become obsolete these days. VulkanRT can handle today’s multi-core CPUs efficiently.

Compared to OpenGL and DirectX, Vulkan offers better performance and low CPU usage. Vulkan can also be used to render 2D graphics but it is mainly developed for the 3D graphics.

Until now, you may have worked out what Vulkan Run Time Libraries do and why we should have it. VulkanRT helps in 3D rendering in high-end games. VulkanRT has significantly increased the performance of 3D games.

So, If you are an avid gamer you cannot uninstall VulkanRT from your computer because it is crucial for some games. Game performance degrades without VulkanRT and some games will also not run without VulkanRT.

How did Vulkan Run Time Libraries get into your Computer?

If you have installed any new Graphics card of Nvidia or AMD, Vulkan Runtime libraries are also get installed with Graphics card drivers.

Or, It may have installed if you have updated your Graphics card driver it should have installed with the drivers. Also, some games install VulkanRT if it is not installed in your system.

Can I remove Vulkan runtime libraries?

Yes, you can remove Vulkan runtime libraries from your computer if you are not much of the 3d games and don’t use software which uses high GPU.

To remove Vulkan Runtime libraries you just have to uninstall from the Programs and Features menu of Control Panel. However, keep in mind that you cannot install Vulkan runtime libraries again independently. To install Vulkan again into your computer you need to reinstall the whole video driver which had installed Vulkan runtime libraries into your computer.


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