How to View Full Size Instagram Photos on Web

instagram photo full size web

Instagram is the best social media platform if you constantly keep on posting new images, but one of the major downside of Instagram is there is no full fleshed Website or Desktop mode so that you can view and upload photos on Instagram via the PC. For uploading photos there is a official work around and plenty of third-party websites. But for viewing full size image so you can download them you have to still have to deeply search for any third party website or any third party application, today we are going to

Today we will be looking forward on how to view Full Size Instagram Photos on a Web Browser on your Windows System.

  • Open and open the website.
  • Once the website is open login via your account credentials alternatively you can also login via Facebook, but it require you to link your account before hand and also you must be login on Facebook on the PC beforehand.
  • Once you open the profile look after the photo you want to view in full screen.
  • The URL will be of the pattern: now you have to replace the ?taken-by=somyatiwari59 by media/?size=l and reload the page.
  • Once the page is loaded you will get the image in full web browser which you can download without any issue.

If you get any issue downloading the images via the above method do let us know in the comment section below, we will surely be helping you out with your problem regarding the solution.


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