How to Use PlayStation 3 (PS3) Controller in Windows 10

PlayStation 3 controller

Over a couple of years into the console generation, the name PlayStation 3 is rarely heard and has become extinct. There are fewer reasons for the gamers to break out of their PS3. However, if you own a high-end gaming PC, those ancient PS3 DualShock controllers can come in handy.

All you need is a few minutes and a USB cable (available from Amazon at a low price of 2$) to connect the DualShock3 Controller (also known as the Ps3 controller) with your PC running on Windows 10.

For the enthusiasts who would love to connect and use PS3 controllers on their Windows 10 PC, we have curated a detailed guide for you to go traditional with joystick against mouse and keyboard.

Method 1: Using SCP Toolkit

#1 Update Drivers and .Net Framework

  • Connect the DualShock3 controller via USB to the PC, and the initial set of drivers are installed automatically by the Windows operating system.
  • Open the Command Prompt and type “driverquery” and Press Enter to check if the necessary drivers are available.
  • Ensure that your PC is already running the official Xbox 360 PC driver4.0 .NET Framework, and Visual C++ (2010 or any later version).
  • For Windows 10 Users the Xbox driver is available automatically.

#2 Download and Install SCP Driver Package

  • Visit the SCP Toolkit download thread. Download the latest version of SCP Toolkit by clicking on the green link.
  • Extract the files and right click on the .exe file. Select run as an administrator to install it.
  • You’ll receive a prompt to open the program, once you have successfully installed the software. The prompt will also install the additional drivers.
  • If no such prompt appears then, just run the ‘SCP Installer.’ Check all the boxes including the Force driver installation option to install the drivers manually.
  • Open the DualShock 3 drop-down menu and, select your PlayStation 3 controller from the list.
  • Once, you have selected your PS3 Controller from the click on Install. The action is responsible for configuring all the necessary files automatically.
  • As soon as it is done merely plug-and-play your PS3 controller and it will work automatically every time.

Use PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

Please note that you are technically using the PS3 Controller by interacting with the X-box drivers so, games might display an Xbox control scheme. Hence, you should hit the Circle button if the game wants you to ‘Press X.’

#3 Creating a Profile

Use PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

  • While the DualShock 3 is ready to use, you can still fine-tune your controller using a variety of applications provided alongside ScpToolkit.
  • Moreover, the Profile manager can be used to create custom mappings of the button so that you can swap them on the fly.
  • Furthermore, the Settings Manager will enable you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the thumbstick and controller latency. Also, it can help change the LED display, and other advanced settings too.

Method 2: Using Motioninjoy

Another approach of using your PS3 Controller on Windows 10 is via Motioninjoy. However, you need many things for the same. Firstly, you need to download the proper drivers for PS3 Joystick. While a lot many drivers are available online the most recommend is none other than Motionjoy. It is freely available for everyone and works fantastic for running a DualShock 3 controller on Windows 10.

You can download Motioninjoy from the download button given below.


One might wonder that there is no support provided by a Windows 10 machine for a PS3 Joystick. Indeed, there is a workaround for the same. Hence, to run the PS3 Controller, you need to “disable driver signature enforcement.”

Follow the steps for “disabling driver signature enforcement” and installing Motionjoy drivers:

  • Open Start Menu and go to Settings.
  • Under the Update and Recovery, choose the Recovery option from the left pane.

Disable Driver signature enforcement

  • Next, select Advanced Startup from the list of options available.

Use PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

  • You’ll able to see the Advanced startup options the next time your PC boots. Select Troubleshoot from the list and head to Advanced Options.

Disable Driver signature enforcement

  • Next, go to Startup Settings under the Advanced Options section.

Use PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

  • The computer will restart once again to give you a list of startup settings which are
    changeable. Search for Disable driver signature enforcement option and turn it off by pressing the F7 function key on your Keyboard.

Use PlayStation 3 Controller in Windows 10

  • All you need to do now is restart your Windows 10 PC and let it boot normally.
  • Disabling the driver signature enforcement will enable the MotionJoy drivers to
    work on your Windows 10 machine. After setting up drivers, all you need to do is follow
    the instructions requested by Motionjoy.
  • If you follow the above instructions clearly as stated, you would see your PS3 Controller up and running on your Windows 10 PC.

The best part about PS3 Controller is that is not all about the wired business. With Bluetooth, you can unplug the controller, and a couple of seconds later the PS3 Controller will sync via Bluetooth with your Windows 10 PC.

Reboot your computer after installing the ScpToolkit to connect your PS3 Controller to the
Windows 10 PC. Plug in your PS3 controller using the USB cable, and instantly the device will be recognized. After the LED turns on you can unplug the USB Cable, and it will be synced via Bluetooth.

If you are facing issues with Bluetooth sync then, it could be due to the missing Bluetooth
support on your PS3 Controller. However, if that isn’t the issue then, we suggest you check for the troubleshooting guide in ScpToolkit community.

Once the drivers for the Dualshock 3 are installed, the joystick behaves almost like the native Xbox 360 controller. Thus, you can play any game with built-in XInput support; which most of the modern PC game consists. The games and the Windows 10 PC should recognize the PS3 Controller without any hitch. Unfortunately, the PS3 Controller is registered as an X-box Controller and therefore, many a time you might need to configure the button icons in the game settings.


That’s all folks. Here’s the complete definitive guide on how to use PlayStation 3 (PS3) Controller in Windows 10. We have narrowed down every method so, that you won’t encounter any issue while performing the task. And we hope you liked it!


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