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truecaller online

Truecaller is one such application that is nowadays installed on almost every Smartphone and tablet devices out there. The main reason for the success of the Truecaller application is not only because it allows you to identify unknown phone numbers but also because it lets you block unwanted spam calls and text messages.

However, if you are someone who is not interested in downloading and installing the Truecaller application on your device but still want to access the caller identification feature of Truecaller, then you can now make use of the Truecaller Online official website.

But why switch to Truecaller Online?

There can be multiple reasons. For starters, Truecaller is a very resource-intense application which means that once installed, the Truecaller application will constantly be using the resources of your device including its RAM and processor, which in turn will drain your battery quickly. So if you have a device with not so great battery backup, then it is best that you uninstall the Truecaller app from your device and stick to the Truecaller online tool to search for mobile numbers.

Apart from conserving resources and battery, if your device is restricted when it comes to storage space, then you can empty up some very important storage space by uninstalling the Truecaller application and using the Truecaller online tool for identifying unknown mobile numbers.

Moreover, the Truecaller online tool offers the same functionality as the mobile application when it comes to identifying unknown phone numbers and the Truecaller Online tool can be accessed using any mobile browser as well, making the Truecaller Online tool quite easy to access even from a mobile device.

How to search mobile number using Truecaller Online?

Below is how you can easily search for mobile numbers and find details on the searched mobile number without installing the Truecaller app, using the Truecaller Online tool.

  1. The Truecaller Online tool is available at the official Truecaller website, log onto to access the Truecaller Online tool for free.
  2. Once you have logged on to the website, you will see the search area to enter the phone number you wish to search for.
  3. First, pick the correct country code for the respective phone number from the list provided to the left of the search area.
  4. Now to the right of the search area, enter the phone number without the country code in the search box.
  5. Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon next to the search box to search for the details related to the number that you entered in the search box.
  6. Before displaying the search results on the phone number that you entered, you will be asked to log in to the Truecaller Online tool either using your Google Account or Microsoft Account. Using either your Microsoft or Google Account, log in to the Truecaller Online tool.
  7. Below the sign in options for Google and Microsoft, you will see a checkbox with the title “Enhanced Search”. Ticking this box while logging in to the Truecaller Online tool will automatically update all the contacts stored in your Google or Microsoft Account to the Truecaller database so that the phone numbers stored in your device can be recognized and added to the database for future use.

Final Words:

That is how you can use Truecaller online to search mobile number without using the app and find details related to the mobile number. Hope you found this tutorial helpful and if you have any doubts, please ask them as comments below.


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