Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10

If you are someone who has been using the 7-Zip Utility for Windows, then you should already know how much convenient it is to unzip and zip your important files which can include almost anything from documents, images, videos to even software, games etc.

Well, if you have updated your 7-Zip Utility Software recently to the latest 15.12 Official Update, then you must have noticed or have read the changelog that shows that this update has brought many big changes and upgrades in the 7-Zip. One of the most important is the support for the RAR5 format. A new option for the CRC SHA entry is also added in the Context Menu in the Windows 10/8/7 which might be annoying for some.


If you wish to remove this CRC SHA entry from the Context Menu, then you are at the right place as today in this post we would be covering on Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10. But before that, let us take a look at What CRC and SHA actually are.

What is CRC?

Well, CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check and is generally used in digital networks to detect accidental changes that may happen with the data. We won’t get deep into how CRC works as it would make this post much longer than usual. If you still wish to learn more about CRC, then you can do it online.

What is SHA?

SHA, just in case you don’t already now stands for the Secure Hash Algorithm which is developed by the National Security Agency in the United States of America. The SHA is used to check the integrity of data downloaded from the Internet just to make sure the data downloaded is not corrupted through its way of transmission from Web to Workstation.

If you go out in the market looking for a CRC-SHA Value Programs, then you would find a couple of programs which can get the job with ease. 7-Zip had this feature for a long period of time, but it has never been this much easier and reliable to use. However, with this latest update, it is much easier and reliable.

A lot of users might find it unuseful as there are only a few people who use the CRH-SHA feature of the 7-ZIP. Since the feature is not useful for you, then you might want to remove it from the Context Menu. So now, let’s take a look at How to remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10.

Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10

In order to Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, click on the Start Button on your Windows Laptop or Desktop.
  • Here, search for the “7-ZIP” Utility Software.
  • Open the ‘7-ZIP’.

  • Now, click on Tools and select the Options from the list.


  • In the Options window, click on the 7-Zip tab and under the Context Menu, uncheck the Option which says CRC SHA.

  • Click on Apply to save the changes.
  • In case you get any “An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers” popup, just click on OK.

That’s it you should no longer see the CRC-SHA Option in your Context Menu. This method should work on every version of Windows whether it be the Windows 10/8/7.

This was our take on Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu in Windows 10, just in case you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, then let us know in the comments section down below.


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