How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

If you are wondering what is Neptune Rising and Kodi then we will first be talking about these two then we will move with the Installation procedure. If you already know about these then you can skip to the Installation part. Kodi is a media player type of service which is available to the users since 2002. Back then it was known as XBox Media Player, the Media Player was renamed to Media Center. Later in 2014 it was renamed to Kodi by the developers.

Kodi basically gives us access to a number of different stream-able content overall the different available operating system. The renamed XBox Media Player can be run on TV, Android device, Tablets, iOS and Windows. Kodi can be used to access the media stored on a local storage to even media stored on the internet. There are a number of different add ons available for Kodi and Neptune Rising is one of the add on available for Kodi.

Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

  1. Open Kodi on your device.
  2. Once Kodi is running click on the System Settings Icon on the home screen which is just beside the Turn Off icon.  
  3. In the System Settings select the File Manager Icon which is at the last in our particular build.
  4. You will get option of profile directory and Add Source of which you have to click on Add Source button.
  5. There will be option to select from a list, but as currently we don’t have anything to select from there is None written and we have to highlight the same.
  6. Now enter the URL of a media source which is in our case and click on OK.
  7. Name the Repository source as Blamo and carry forward the process by clicking on the Ok Button.
  8. Verify the URL and also the name for the Media Source and click on Ok.
  9. Once done head over to the main menu and choose the Add-ons tab just bellow the Radio tab.
  10. In the Add-Ons menu select the Package Installer Icon and select Install from zip file option.
  11. From the source selection box select Blamo.
  12. Now select the from the next box and click on Ok.
  13. Installation will carry on which will include downloading and installing Blamo Repo repository for which we will have to wait until we get Blamo Repo Installed popup.
  14. Now head to Install from Repository icon and select Blamo Repo.
  15. Choose Video Add-ons from the repository list.
  16. You will get the add-ons available in the particular repository and select Neptune Rising.
  17. Click on the Install button and wait for it to install.

Most of the time Neptune Rising is installed without any issue. But many times there are issues in installing the dependencies which doesn’t let you install Neptune Rising on Kodi. If you get any such error do try the following steps to fix the same.

  1. Restart the device on which you are running Kodi and try once again.
  2. There is a event log file in the installation folder of Kodi which you must look after to find the exact error causing the Dependencies to not update. You can also get the Event Log from the System Settings Menu in Kodi.
  3. If you still get the issue you can install the dependencies manually.
  4. Reinstall Kodi on your device and start with a fresh installation.

Manually Installing Neptune Rising if dependencies fail:

  1. Head over to the link and download the zip file.
  2. Once the file is downloaded open the System Settings on the Kodi application on Windows or any other operating system or device you are running Kodi on.
  3. You will get option to install Repository from Zip select the same and choose the ZIP file from the local drive location.
  4. Once the file is selected click on ok and wait for the application to install the repository after which you will be able to install Neptune Rising on Kodi.

These are the steps to install Neptune Rising on Kodi without any issue. We have also mentioned about the issues and have mentioned the necessary fixes along with. Still if you get any issue installing Neptune Rising on Kodi do let us know in the comment section below, we will help you with the same.


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