Fix Taskbar not working in Windows 10

fix taskbar windows

Windows is an operating system where a host of task are activated with the help of the taskbar. The taskbar as the name suggest is kind of a home in order to initiate any task on your computer. If we cut the taskbar from our Windows then there is barely any task you can perform, or you are going to need the run commands for every thing. The Taskbar in windows 10 also gets a search bar which also doubles up as Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana.

What if there is some mishap in the system and Taskbar stops to work. In such a case a normal user is handcuffed and will be restricted to perform a basic function of restarting the computer. Let us look at the fixes in order to make the Taskbar working again.

Fix 1: ReInstall the Taskbar files

This is kind of a easy task and must be the first step to start fixing your problematic taskbar. Follow these steps in order to reinstall the taskbar:

  • Press Windows + X key at the same time.
  • Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the drop down menu.
  • You will require a Administrative access Command prompt to run the DISM command.
  • Type in the following command and press enter.
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Fix 2: Reinstall all the installed Windows Apps

If you are going to follow this fix then you will have to sacrifice all the installed Windows application including the Windows Store, which will be reinstalled at a later stage with the help of internet.

  • Open Command Prompt with Administrative rights
  • Type the following code in the command prompt and press enter:
    Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackageGet-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online
  • Once the command is finished restart your PC and you are good to go with your freshly installed TaskBar.

Fix 3: Auto Hide Issues

At times there are issue with the internal working of Windows which tends to block the auto hide feature from triggering, and in case the Taskbar is hidden at the time of malfunction you will not be able to see the Taskbar. For such an issue follow these steps to recover your Taskbar.

  • Restart the PC in Safe Mode by pressing the Shift button while powering on the Laptop / PC.
  • Once you are booted into the Safe Mode most probably your system will be showing the taskbar, and then you can disable the auto hide feature of Windows so that you always have the taskbar visible.
  • If the problem is not yet solved, then start the Windows Trouble Shooter from the boot itself and let it complete the process.

If there is a problem going on still then also search on the Internet for the particular version of Windows 10 you are running on your system. There are issues which might only be persistent in a particular Windows 10 version. Hence you must search Windows forums for your version problems. Also see if there is an update pending on your System if yes do update your system to the latest version on offer from Microsoft.

Do let us know if your issue is resolved in the comment section below. If not then comment your version of Windows with the exact issue, and we will try to solve it up.


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