Fix ‘Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working’ and Crashing in Windows

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

Internet Explorer have been one of the best internet browser from ages. It is the default web browser which comes with Windows and hence most of the people uses the same. In the old days Internet Explorer lacked the power and was sluggish but with time Internet Explorer grew well and today it is a secondary option over Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

One of the most common issue which people get while using Internet Explorer is the “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working” issue today we are going to talk about the issue in detail and will be giving you 5 fixes for the same. Most of the fixes are working on the latest update of Windows, but as Microsoft is updating Windows frequently and adding, removing, and altering the features there might be some changes over the different versions of Windows 10.

Let us go through all the 3 different fixes to the Internet Explorer has Stopped Working.

Update IE to the most recent version

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest Internet Browser which does results into it having many legacy features which might get out dated and result into Internet Explorer crashing. In order to escape from the problem the best way is to update the installed internet Explorer to the latest one from the official link here.

Wipe all temporary IE files

If you are able to open Internet Explorer but while using you get the Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working window then you can try wiping the temp files of the browser because they can be interfering with the normal working of the browser steps of which are as follow:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Select the Internet Options and a new window will open.
  • Head to the General tab and you will find Browsing History in the same.
  • Now click on delete option and uncheck the Preserve Favorites website data so you can delete all the temp files stored by Internet Explorer.

Reset Internet Explorer from Control Panel of Windows

If your Internet explorer is not working due to any issue and you are getting Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working as soon as you open the program then you will have to reset the program without opening it for which you will have to follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel by searching in the start menu.
  • Now select internet options which will open a small dialogue box just as the settings of the Internet Explorer.
  • Select Advanced options and click on reset. 

These are 3 different fixes which you must try when you are experiencing any issue in working with Internet Explorer, if you get any issue while working with these solutions then do let us know about the same in the comment section below.


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