Fix: How to Fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue Windows 10

Lately, a lot of users are facing the Nvidia Installer Failed issue on their Windows 10 PC. There have been many reports about this issue and that is why we thought of addressing the solution to the issue today.

In this post, we will discuss various methods to fix Nvidia Installed Failed Issue Windows. Read the below methods to get rid of this issue on Windows 10:

How to Fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue Windows 10

There are certain things you need to cross check before continuing with the method to fix Nvidia Installer Failed issue. Here is the list of things that you need to go through before following the procedure:

  • Make sure that your hard disk drive is not completely full. Sometimes due to insufficient or less storage, Nvidia fails to extract the packet into the Temp folder.
  • Onboard graphics chipset must be disabled. Make sure you have set the BIOS to use the current video card as main.
  • Disable any Firewall or Antivirus programs as they are often known to cause issues while installing Nvidia graphics driver.

So, these were some of the basic things that you need to cross checked before following our guide. Let us now have a look at why Nvidia Install Failed issue occurs in the first place.

Why are you getting this error?

You probably got the Nvidia installer Failed issue after you upgraded your system to Windows 10, Windows Update often attempts to download and install Graphics drivers in the background. Sometimes it takes up to 5-10 minutes to download and install the GPU drivers. During this time, if you attempt to install Nvidia Graphics driver, you might get Nvidia Installer Failed Issue.

Method 1

In order to fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue, wait for 15 minutes at least and leave Windows Idle during this time. So, you can be sure that Windows Update doesn’t have any pending downloads and installation processes. Once you have waited 15-20 minutes, you can then start to fix NVIDIA Installer failed issue.

After you have waited all this while, restart your system and then install the NVIDIA Driver properly by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Select Custom tab in the Installation Options screen and then click next

  • On the next screen, select the box “Perform a clean installation” and then click next again.
  • You will now see some on-screen instructions and you need to read and follow those instructions one by one.
  • After you have done it, restart your system.

So, this was the solution to fix Nvidia Installer Failed issue. If the method doesn’t work out for you then you don’t need to worry. Check out alternative methods to this procedure below:

Method 2

The second method involves killing any or all NVIDIA processes and then removing the redundant files. You can do this by following the below mentioned steps.

Step 1. The very first step is to press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”. Then open task manager.

Step 2. Select the running NVIDIA software and end that process by clicking “End process” option.

Step 3. Look for all these files and remove them:

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file
C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_lh file
C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvoclock file
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\

Step 3. Once you have removed all the files mentioned above, restart your PC.

Method 3

Antivirus or firewall may also cause this annoying issue. Many antivirus and firewalls block some required files during the installation of NVIDIA Driver. This causes the issue and a lot of users have stated that their antivirus was the reason behind NVIDIA Driver failed issue on Windows 10.

To resolve this issue, the only way out sometimes is disabling firewall. Also, if you have any antivirus program on your PC then you need to turn it off. Once you have turned off your antivirus, make sure that you have also killed the processes related to them. In case you are wondering how to turn off antivirus and firewall temporarily and reactivate before using the Internet, check below procedure

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete

  • There, Go to the Processes tab and look for all the processes related to your antivirus and kill/end each one of them.

  • After you have done this, restart your PC and try installing the NVIDIA Driver once again.

Method 4

If all the methods mentioned above did not work for you then do not lose hope just yet. There is another reportedly working method that you should try out in order to fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue. This method involves updating the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. A lot of times an incompatible NVIDIA Graphics driver or incorrectly installed NVIDIA Driver may cause Windows to prompt “NVIDIA Installer failed” issue.

To fix this and update your NVIDIA graphics driver, you can follow two methods. The first method is to manually download NVIDIA graphics driver by visiting the official NVIDIA download page.  The second way is by downloading and installing a automatic and easy driver download/update utility.

If you want to follow the manual way and manually want to update your Graphics driver then go to the official NVIDIA website, select the correct Product Type, Product Series, Produce Model and then the Operating System.

If you want to follow the second method and would like to use an automatic drivers download utility, then we advise you to use and app or software such as Driver Talent.

Softwares like Driver Talent are capable of identify your NVIDIA graphics driver issue with issue and then download and install the most compatible NVIDIA graphics driver version on your system.

So, far we discussed 4 methods to fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue on Windows 10. We hope that at least one of these methods worked out in your favor. If none of these methods worked for you then the last resort might be to reinstall Windows 10. After reinstalling Windows 10, the issue will most likely be fixed.


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