“Cheaper” Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop variant announced by Microsoft


If the existing Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2 are priced too heavily to your liking and if you wish there had been cheaper versions of the devices, then Microsoft has heard your voice.


Earlier, the entry-level Microsoft Surface Laptop was priced at $999 and featured an Intel Core i5 processor. The new entry-level Microsoft Surface Laptop will be priced at $799 and will feature the Intel Core m3 processor along with 4GB RAM, 128GB space for storage and Intel HD 615 Graphics.

In a similar fashion, earlier the cheapest Microsoft Surface Book 2 was priced at $1499 featuring 256GB space for storage. However, the new cheaper entry-level Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be available with a price tag of $1199 and will be the 13.5-inch model powered by Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB space for storage.



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