10 Best Windows 10 Themes/Skins for your Computer

Best windows 10 themes

If you ever wondered about how to make your computer look visually appealing, then this is the perfect article to enhance the look and feel of your Windows 10 Computer with top 10 best themes/skins for your Windows 10 PC. This article will explore a detailed list of some of the best themes/skins for Windows 10.

Also, you can download the same from the links given for them. Everyone knows about what themes/skins are for Windows 10. Hence, we are assuming that you are already aware of the procedure regarding installing a theme on your Windows 10.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know as all you need to do is to copy paste all the downloaded files to the below path and directly navigate to the Personalization settings and choose the theme.


We will mainly cover some of the most excellent themes which are readily available for
Windows 10. Some of the best Windows 10 themes/skins are listed below.

1) Mac OS X EI Capitan

Best windows 10 themes

Ever wondered how great would be if you could run the Mac OS on your Windows 10 PC. There is no doubt that MAC OS sports intuitively beautiful visual interface with a clean and simple design. However, with Mac OS X EI Capitan Windows 10 theme you can make your dreams come true.

One of the best themes available on Windows 10 right now, Mac OS X EI Capitan itself details everything with its name. Moreover, the theme offers a fantastic seamless experience just like Mac OS. Thus, you can live your dream of running the user interface of MAC OS on your Windows 10 PC.

2) Ubuntu SkinPack

Best themes for windows 10

For all the Ubuntu fans using Windows 10, now you have a reason to rejoice with Ubuntu Skin Pack. Ubuntu SkinPack delivers the exact Ubuntu-like experience on your Windows 10. Many people are unaware of the Ubuntu OS and how enticing its user interface is.

The theme is focused mainly around icons, same as the user interface on Ubuntu thereby giving you a complete authentic user experience of hands on an Ubuntu system.

3) StartIsBack

best windows 10 themes 2018

Microsoft completely revamped the user interface with the release of Windows 8 thanks to the inception of tiles. The same interface received a slight overhaul in Windows 10 with the Start menu coming back.

The roots of the design ideology in Windows 10 could be traced back to Windows 7 and if you are majorly missing the Windows 7 interface worry no more. With the StartIsBack theme for Windows 10, you can enjoy all the design features of Windows 7 on your PC. The theme is worth trying at least once.

4) Aero Glass

Top 10 best themes for windows

Simplicity is the best form of beauty and keeping with this Aero Glass for Windows 10 is
undoubtedly a beautiful and elegant looking theme. Designed on the principles of a clean and comfortable user interface.

The main feature of the Aero Glass theme is the transparent glassy look it imparts to your Windows 10 screen. However, it covers only the outer boundaries and not the entire screen of the window.

5) Silk

download best themes for windows 10

Another visually beautiful theme for your Windows 10 is the Silk skin. The theme does not only look beautiful, but it is equal parts attractive also. Silk skin for Windows 10 focuses majorly on colors to entice the eyes, and it ends up leaving a lasting impression without a doubt.

Often called as the notebook theme because of the way it is designed highlighting the colors on Silk theme resemble the colors on various notebooks. The Silk skin gives you plenty of customizations to play with, and that is more than anybody can ask.

6) Vanilla

download best themes for windows 10

The Vanilla theme for Windows 10 brings the concept of the infinite display to your computer. It does not include borders and pulls off the borderless look with elegance. In a way, the theme appears almost similar to the user interface of various cloud services you might have come across.

The Vanilla skin is a different theme as opposed to other Windows 10 themes but it is indeed appealing and fantastic.

7) Oxford

top 10 best skins for windows 10

The Snow White of Windows 10 themes, Oxford is one of the best White colored themes
available. Furthermore, the simple icons add the elegance to an already entrapping beautiful screen.

While Oxford does not feature any over the line functions, it compensates by providing an intuitive and enriching experience. Oxford theme on your Windows 10 computer does appear as ecstatic as the Snow White herself.

8) Stardock Start 10

Best skins for windows 10

One of the reasons why people love a theme is the set of customizations it offers. So, if you are riding high on the expectations of a fully customizable theme then, Stardock Start 10 is the perfect theme companion for your Window 10 computer.

Not only does it give an excellent look and feel but is also supports features like filter searches and direct access to the files and folders.

Moreover, the option to quickly customize various attributes of the theme makes it a complete fan winner.

9) Flattastic

download top 10 best skins for windows

Flattastic for Windows 10 comes in two versions; light and dark. For many people, the
availability of the dark version is more than enough to try Flattastic.

Apart from coming in two versions, Flattastic deals with minimalistic design changes imparting a few colors and icons to the already existing Windows 10 style. Hence, we urge you to try this one if you aren’t into too much of customizations.

10) Diversityx VS

download top skins for windows 10

The last theme on the list is Diversityx VS. The theme enjoys a popular fan following and is
considered to be one of the best themes for Windows 10. The correct words to describe
Diversityx VS are bold and beautiful.

Based mainly on the black color, Diversityx VS boasts of deviant versions of icon styling giving your Windows 10 a more futuristic feel. Moreover, it offers quick analytics concerning your system memory, RAM and other settings on the start dock.

There are a lot of other themes available for your Windows 10. You can try all of them and
decide which suits you the best if you are not happy with the themes from the above list.


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