10 best webcam software for Windows

best webcam software

Webcams were the talk-of-the-town until a few years ago.Since the outburst of Hi-Res camera quality in smartphones and built-in webcams in laptops, webcams have sort of taken a backseat.

But despite the lack of craze, webcams continue to exist in our routine by being our last hope when all else fails.

Moreover, how long can you continue to hold any smartphone or tablet to your face-level when you can sit back on a comfy chair or lay on a bed while continuing your informal conversations with friends or family?

If you had used a webcam for desktop and even laptop computers, you would know it is a simple ‘plug N’ play.’ It does not get easier than that!

Now that the need for webcams is understood, let us debate on the webcam software for Windows 7 and upwards.By no means does webcam software stack up against powerful apps built for Android or iOS.

10 Best Webcam Software for Windows

But they get the job done and remain quite affordable at the same time. In this post, I will discuss the 10 best webcam software that are widely popular in the Windows arena.

1) Windows Camera

Get from Windows Store   

Windows has a built-in camera app that might have skipped your notice. Since Windows 8, Windows Camera has continued to prove useful but also the least used, just like Edge.

best webcam software


It is most certainly not laced with the best features, but it gets the job done. Listen, if all you want to do is click a few photos or record a short video clip, then Windows Camera is perhaps the best app you will ever need.


But it is not for a hardcore YouTuber since it lacks quite a lot of needful features.There is, however, Settings. This is where you can add adjustments of the most basic nature such as a frame grid, reduce flickering, etc.Whatever your camera is capable of, the Windows Camera app will provide.

In short, Windows Camera provides a ‘plug N’ play’ opportunity and it does not require a manual update or licensing. This camera app is not meant for heavy users. So, you would be disappointed to find any functionality here. It is incompetent with any third-party app, but it does capture and record.

2) Cyberlink YouCam

Get from Cyberlink   

Cyberlink has been around for decades and it is universal.Cyberlink YouCam 7, their latest offering, packs everything that one would ever need.Perhaps that’s why it is aptly named “complete live video studio.”

This Windows software provides the functionality of an all-around live video studio that boosts the regular capability of your webcam. YouCam comes packed with powerful features like face beautifier tools, over 200 fun effects for video chats and recordings.

Furthermore, there’s also a full set of video capture tools.

PerfectCam for business and productivity:

You can get a 12-month free subscription to PerfectCam when purchasing YouCam, all for a combined price of $39.99. With PerfectCam you can easily ace your interviews regardless of your surrounding atmosphere.

Here are some of its features:

  • It applies precise virtual makeup during video meetings to create a professional look.
  • Provides video brightness, contrast, and exposure along with skin smoothening.
  • Pre-designed makeup looks are readily available at one-click that vary from business to casual.
  • PerfectCam supports U Meeting, Skype, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts, which are very well-known for video conferencing.

With YouCam 7, you can have personalized chats with unique effects.

Here’s what I mean by that.

Real-time video effects: Shuffle between 200 fun and interesting effects that can be appended to any live video chat or video recording projects. If you need additional effects, you can download via DirectorZone.

Frames and scenes: Using this embedded option, you can blend an image taken from a webcam with another image effect. This can be further used in video editing or to come with a perfect portrait or a social media profile picture.

Particles, filters, and distortions: Besides filters and distortion effects, YouCam includes colorful interacting particles that fill any Skype call with more fun and enjoyment.

Emoticons and gadgets: YouCam has face-tracking accessories that sense your movements. Moreover, you might want to take advantage of the truly hilarious animated emoticons that express your mood as realistically as possible.

Top that by pairing emoticons with a tremendous collection of effects to express even better.

Improve office productivity by creating professional video presentations

Desktop recording in full HD and higher FPS: Although Windows snipping tool does pretty much the same thing, with YouCam you get to capture sections of the screen in Full HD format with a higher Frame-per-second ratio. That’s both unique and useful.best webcam software

PowerPoint video presentations:  With YouCam, you can import an existing PowerPoint file into any on-going video chat or recording session.

This comes in handy while delivering webinars or making a presentation to remote teams located across the world. best webcam software

Safety is YouCam’s top priority

Surveillance mode: Using an embedded motion detection technology, your webcam and PC work together as a home security system.best webcam software

Face login and face-out: This is one of the most unique features you will come across in any software out in the market for Windows.best webcam software

YouCam has a face login feature that logs you into Windows whenever your face is present in front of a webcam. Moreover, it will also remember your distinct passwords. For extra security, YouCam for Windows will lock your PC when it does not detect your face in front of the webcam.

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3) Filmora scrn

Get from Filmora   

Of late, Wondershare has introduced many multi-platform products one of which is Filmora Scrn. The makers of Filmora boast that the software is the “most user-friendly webcam recording software” out there.

Yes, Filmora Scrn (pronounced as ‘screen’) is not your typical webcam software, rather a recorder. There’s simply so much you can even if you are a non-techie or a professional video editor. Although there are many smartphone apps that are equally powerful, the joy of editing a video lies solely on a desktop computer.

With this webcam recording software, you can record your video, add annotations, make use of its Picture-In-Picture functionality and even record games played in multiplayer mode in Full HD. Filmora Scrn is easy-to-use webcam software that does not require a lot of reading.

Moreover, by paying only $19.99 for a year, you can own this powerful software. Alternatively, if you are a small business such as a creative agency, then you might want to add another $10 and get a lifetime license for only $29.99 with free software updates.

best webcam software

4) Free 2x Webcam Recorder

Get from Free 2x   

Free 2X Webcam Recorder is one of the best webcam software. While remaining 100% free, it records videos from any video recording device, not only webcams. In addition, it supports popularly used video file formats like MP4, AVI, and WMV.

With custom shortcuts, you may control the webcam from within the software. This includes record, play, pause, stop, and snapshot keys. Furthermore, scheduling a recording is also possible. This feature is added mainly to service the YouTube or internet marketers, which explains the popularity of this software.best webcam software

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5) Yawcam

Get from Yawcam   

Yawcam may sound like an odd name for the best webcam software. It is an abbreviation for ‘Yet Another Webcam.’ Despite the quirky name, Yawcam stands up against any modern software.

It is one of the oldest and free webcam software one can find for Windows. This tool is great for capturing images and videos using a webcam. Besides its simplistic learning curve, it does pack very powerful features that enhance your recordings.

Mostly, Yawcam is used alongside live video streaming sessions such as YouTube live stream or Facebook Webinar, etc. Thus, once again it benefits the many lives that make a living off the internet. What makes Yawcam truly different than other paid services is that it comes with a motion and face-detection tool.

Also, a built-in server, text and image overlay option, and its ability to perform with multiple languages is simply astounding. Can you imagine paying for all these individual services when Yawcam gives it all for free?

Being the best webcam software that is does not cost you a dime. Yawcam inherits features like timer for online video scheduling, password protection, motion sensors, surveillance mode and much more.

Lastly, the UI of Yawcam is self-explanatory. Maybe you won’t need all of these free features right away, but someday you might run into a need. That’s why Yawcam is a must-have for every Windows user.

6) VideoBooth

Get from My Video Booth   

Creativity would be boring without fun. And VideoBooth guarantees just that. This webcam software is undoubtedly a fan favourite because of the embedded functionality. While the basic version of VideoBooth might be sufficient for lightweight tasks, a PRO version with advanced options is a much better deal.

It takes less than $50 to buy this software outright. One of the most needed features in today’s video conferences is to take photo snapshots during video calls. With the help of VideoBooth, you can do that at the click of a button.

Furthermore, you won’t find it difficult to record your webcam or tweak a pre-recorded video. With after-effects & filters, you can to make videos more eye-popping. Once completed, you can easily share edited photos and videos to any social media site of choosing. Some software out there that offer these many features tend to be heavy and slow, but not VideoBooth. It is lightweight and does not affect video streaming one bit.

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7) Debut Video Capture

Get from NCH Software   

Don’t let the name fool you!

Debut video capture has been around for quite some time. It is a very efficient and best webcam software program for Windows. Besides that, it is also a video recording and screen capturing program with a multitude of options for video customization. If you have ever wanted to capture videos, Debut Video Capture is the software you need to have.

Another brilliant use-case scenario of Debut Video Capture is while recording tutorials for uploading on YouTube, Vimeo. You won’t have to switch between multiple similar programs to get the job done.

Instead, this very best webcam software has it all, from screen capture to webcam recording. Although it is free to download, its premium version offers even more functionality and costs only $49.99.best webcam software

8) MyCam

Get from E2E Soft   

There are not that many webcam software out there that allow you to recording a lengthy video without interruptions. MyCam offers a perfect solution towards that. Not only can you record, but you can use the webcam-based chats and take numerous snapshots during any live video conference.

What makes it even more special is that it is FREE for Windows platform and does not take up more than 2MB of space while offering great value in return. MyCam is quick and easy to setup but its video recording has some restrictions with respect to file formats. There’s not a wide variety of them but only a few popularly used ones.

Bear in mind, MyCam is not very advanced. So, do not expect a great deal from this free program. It does not come with video editing or customizing options either. So, if you are seeking a lightweight and long video recording program, this is it.

9) Magic Camera

Get from Shining Morning   

Much like MyCam, this software is great for making webcam chats more fun than ever. Although it differs from MyCam by lending support to many digital devices such as HD camcorders, IP cameras, digicams, smartphones, etc.

It does have a free version but Magic Camera works best when you buy a standard license worth $59.95. You even get lifetime validity with that, so consider making a one-time valuable payment for zero headaches. You might want to put Magic Camera to use when you need to add filters and effects to a webcam chats.

Additionally, you can very easily add frames, images, and video overlays. Even supplement flash and animations, visually transform filters, borrow funny masks, and stickers, add text, and much more.

Most chat platforms that offer webcam integration such as Omegle, would also work alongside Magic Camera without glitches.

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10) SplitCam

Get from Split Camera   

SplitCam is free and will always be!

This software has many recognizable features that make video streaming or capturing any video content on the internet a child’s play. Like the best webcam software that it is, SplitCam facilitates adding effects before rendering a final video output in the best possible resolution. If you have ever wanted to throw some 3D fun into a boring conversation, SplitCam will help you accomplish that.

Other useful features include screen splitting for hassle-free work, integration with various streaming services, both online and offline and majorly used communication software.best webcam software

Wrapping up

A life without webcam seems almost unimaginable when we use laptop or desktop computers. What makes this experience much more invigorating is highly capable webcam software that serves all of your requirements.

Try each one of the best webcam software noted above and share your experience with me in the comments section.


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