Best 100 Unblocked Proxy Site & Proxy Servers to unblock any site 2018

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Here, we have list best proxy sites and best proxy servers to unblock any site in your region easily without any risk. We have personally tested each unblocked proxy sites and servers.

Due to Internet regulation and net neutrality, many sites are getting blocked by regulations, thus importance of proxy sites to unblock sites increased thousand fold.

Internet is a great place to do your work, and with the integration of internet everywhere each and every office and schools and other places have it on each and every computer. But with Internet there is a distraction of different websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for office. While for schools one of the main concerns are the porn websites and torrent websites which are need to be blocked. There are even other websites which need to be blocked by the IT Experts and hence most of the time you cannot access some particular website over a particular network.

Many times there are websites which are blocked by Government in public interest which you might need to access for some research work, for which the best option is Proxy websites which are available in plenty.

What are Proxy Website?

Proxy Websites are the websites which help us route the website which we want to access through their server indeed helping us to hide our real location from the website and this way we can easily access the blocked website which might be blocked by our ISP, office IT officer, School, College staff or government.

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There are thousands of Proxy sites across the web today we will be giving you Top 100 proxy sites which are unblocked and working in 2018 so that you can access the website you need without any issue and in the fastest possible manner.

The Top 10 Proxy websites of 2018 are as follow:

  • HideMyAss: They are one of the best hosts of Proxy Websites as they provide the best combination of security and speed when loading the heaviest of websites as they usually per-cache the websites on their local proxy servers.
  • 4Everproxy: With 4everproxy you can easily visit any website without revealing your identity and your geographical location and without any network restrictions. With this proxy server you can easily watch YouTube Videos in your School and College with a simple key in the address.
  • Proxify Web Proxy: The website modify each webpage before displaying it to you. The modification include proxify-ing each and every link to every resource so you doesn’t move out of their proxy and you get issues accessing the resource or the webpage.
  • Torguard: This is one of the best high speed IP hiding proxy which will hide your identity from the website you visit and will also enable you to visit the websites just as you do without any proxy.
  • Anonymster: Anonymster comes in the Top 10 list of Proxy website of each and every review-er, because they are the only proxy provider who concentrates on the safety of the user. It does comes with a downside that it happens to be really slow as they are concentrating on the safety of the user.
  • New Ip Now: This Proxy Website comes with a special feature which let you choose the IP which you need and it also shows the load on the particular IP. With the load you can easily estimate the time which will take to process your request.
  • Zalmos: They provide SSL encryption on all the website which is basically between the server and the use-end. Hence mostly the encryption will be between a SSL encrypted website and you, not with any random non-SSL encrypted website.
  • Aniscartujo: This website is a no nonsense straight Proxy website which provides a simple interface which resembles one from early 2000s. It even alow you to kill the scripts and also gives you other add on to be protected from harmful websites.
  • WowSow is one of the best proxy website in UK, they provide the best of security when compared to other proxy websites.
  • Ocaspro: This website happens to hide you from malicious website which can use scripts and other means to track you and even hijack your PC for other activities. The Proxy website can easily block the scripts and cookies from each and every website you visit via this proxy.

Here is a list of Top 100 Proxy Websites so you can access your content without any issue:

  1. HideMyAss –
  2. Proxify –
  3. kProxy –
  4. BlewPass –
  5. Zfreez –
  6. Vobas –
  7. Do not Filter –
  8. –
  9. New Ip Now –
  10. 4everproxy –
  11. Unblock YouTube Proxy –
  12. Unblocker –
  13. Zacebook PK –
  14. Zalmos –
  15. Xite Now –
  16. Hope Proxy –
  17. Best Web Proxy –
  18. BVPN –
  19. Secure For – Premiuminfo
  20. Social unblock –
  21. Cafe Dots –
  22. Wow Sow –
  23. Quickproxy –
  24. Web Surf –
  25. YouTube Free Proxy –
  26. Defilter –
  27. Free YouProxyTube –
  28. The Best Proxy –
  29. Untraceable –
  30. EXCS –
  31. Bnosy –
  32. DeFilter –
  33. Quick Proxy –
  34. My Red Proxy-
  35. Proxy-2014 –
  36. Hide The Internet –
  37. Greatest Free Proxy –
  38. Working Proxy –
  39. F4FP –
  40. TiaFun –
  41. Ca Proxies –
  42. Proxy 2015 –
  43. FB Proxies –
  44. PK Proxy –
  45. Work Host –
  46. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  47. WebSurf Proxy –
  48. Fish Proxy –
  49. DZ Hot –
  50. 1FreeProxy –
  51. Sporium –
  52. Saoudi Proxy –
  53. Proxy Browse –
  54. Proxy Internet –
  55. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  56. Unblocko –
  57. German Proxy –
  58. My Free Proxy –
  59. Spin Proxy –
  60. Proxy 2015 –
  61. FB Proxies –
  62. America Proxy –
  63. Pro Intern –
  64. Suede Proxy –
  65. PK Proxy –
  66. London Proxy –
  67. Kr Proxy –
  68. Unblocker –
  69. Fast USA Proxy –
  70. New IP Now –
  71. Canada Proxy –
  72. Spedo –
  73. US Proxy –
  74. You Liaoren –
  75. Zacebook PK –
  76. Proxys –
  77. Justun Block IT –
  78. Proxy This –
  79. Intern Cloud –
  80. Ace Proxy –
  81. Link Me Tube –
  82. Ultimate Proxy –
  83. Proxybrowsing –
  84. Myunblocksites –
  85.  Proxymesh –
  86. Proxyhub –
  87. Aniscartujo-
  88.  Ocaspro –
  89. Yxorproxy –
  90. Proxyfor –
  91. Serverfriend –
  92. Unblockwebsites –
  93. Videounblocker –
  94. Unblockandsurf –
  95. Layoutfly –
  96. Proxy Out Law –
  97. Zalmos –
  98. Bog Bone –
  99. Arabytec –

These are the Top 100 Proxy Websites or proxy servers to unblock any site which you must be using if you are finding any issue in accessing any perticular website over your ISP or College or School Network. Do mind that using the Proxy websites will not hide you fully and any illegal activity done by using any of the proxy service will end up making you in jail as the proxy servers provide the data of the real customer when asked from any government organization.

If you find any of the websites mentioned above not working then do let us know in the comment section below so that we can update our list with the working ones.


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