100 Best Kodi Addons 2018 – 100% Working Addons List

best kodi add-on

If you are looking for the best Kodi add-ons, you might know why Kodi is the best entertainment software. Kodi has revolutionized the way we watch tv series, movies, and music. It is packed with tons of features and customizations to make your entertainment experience awesome.

But, the best thing about Kodi is its free add-ons. Kodi has a huge catalog of free awesome add-ons for subtitles, movies metadata, music, photos, and live stream. You can also download skins for your Kodi player and download web interfaces to access your Kodi player remotely.

100+ Best Kodi Add-ons

There are a lot of officials and unofficial Kodi add-ons are available on the Internet. We have tested Kodi add-ons and created a list of best 100 Kodi add-ons for your Kodi player. I hope that you will like our list and find some good add-ons to add to your Kodi.

Best Kodi Movie and TV shows Add-ons

Addon Crazy

Addon crazy is available to download from Blamo repository. It is a video add-on in which you get movies, tv shows, kids shows, youtube, crazy youtube etc. All the folders have subsections in it so a total number of videos available on this add-on is huge.


We have covered a lot of Exodus and covenant fork in this list, Pacentra is also one of them. Placenta includes lot more links and streaming providers than any other forks of the covenant. This add-on offers latest movies, top rated movie, top-rated TV shows, popular TV shows, latest TV shows and live channel.

The Crow

The Crow is movie and tv show add-on from the Juggernaut repository. The crow is an add-on for only tv shows and movies so you will find here some of the best video content from the various streaming sources. It is a simple but powerful add-on for Kodi, just like we can expect from the Juggernaut team. The main section only includes tv shows and movies but in these two sections, there are a lot of subsections for genre and years of releasing etc.


The remnant is a fork of the old plugin SALTS which offers tv shows and movies. It is developed by team ZT and available on their repository. This is an advanced add-on in with options like Resolve URL and track settings. Most of the popular and high rated TV shows and Movies are available on this add-on.


Legacy is another Exodus/Covenant fork from team zero tolerance. It has the same layout as covenant and Exodus but has a number of links to videos and updated code from older versions. Legacy also offers TV Shows, Movies, Music, Documentaries and more. This is new add-on compared to others so it has less chance to be blocked or going offline. Legacy should be your choice if you want to watch top movies and shows in the high quality.


Mystique is another add-on from the popular repository Juggernaut. It’s content mainly focuses on the tv shows but also some documentaries and movies are available. It has diverse sections like Movies, Actresses, Actors, TV Shows, Ladies Lounge, Mens Lodge, Kids Korner, Documentary,  Reality, Stand Up Comedy, Survival, and Music.


Norse is another masterpiece from the Juggernaut repository. This is also the movies and tv shows add-on which can provide you high-quality video streams.

The main folder of the Norse has options for  Latest Movies, Dooms Movies, 2018 Videos, Boxsets movies, Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Sport, and TV shows.


Nanook is movie and tv show add-on from team ZT repository. It is a fork of old popular add-on Elysium, a multi-source tv shows movie add-on. In Movie section, you can find subsections of Features, Popular, New Movies, Top Rated, In Theatres, Marvel Universe, Oscar Winners, Disney Collection, Collections, Kids Collections, Holiday, Genres and years. In TV section, you can find subsections of Features, Popular, Most Voted, New TV Shows, Returning TV Shows, Kids TV, TV Collections, Highly Rated, Genres, Networks and Airing today.


Gurzil came to light when one of the popular Kodi add-on Exodus stopped working and there was no other alternative to it. Developers took the Exodus code and made Gurzil by its fork. It offers the same content as the original Exodus. If you were the Exodus user and want a similar experience you must try Gurzil add-on.


Incursion can be downloaded from same name repository. It mainly offers TV Shows and movies but also has music and documentaries and other videos. The main advantage of this add-on is that it totally error-free and you will not find any bug in this add-on. It is the most impressive fork of the Covenant(which itself is a fork of Exodus).


I.C.U. is another add-on from Juggernaut repository which offers TV show and movies. Section of this add-on shows Movie, TV, Stage Plays, hood movies, B Grade Movies, Actors, 247 TV. You need to update/re-install juggernaut repository to install this add-on because this is the latest add-on which might not on your version of a juggernaut.


Wraith is another add-on from popular repository Blamo. it mainly offers Tv shows and movies. Apart from pulling streaming links to movies and tv shows it also it gets movie synapses from TMDb so we can decide what movie is good to watch.


Uranus is a new video add-on in 2018 from Griffin repository. it main content categories are Movies, Tv shows, and Trackt. Like any another add-on, this will look for available streaming links for chosen video and find a working link one to play the video.


Ironman is dedicated movie add-on from the Team ZT repository. It offers movies from various categories like horror, action, sci-fi, and adventure. The main advantage of this add-on is that it is dedicated to movies so you get curated a list of the best movies. You get Real Debrid Movies, IMDB Top 250, Movies By Years, Boxsets Documentaries and more from sections of this add-on.


Neo is dedicated movie add-on for Kodi. It can be downloaded from SG Streams repository. It allows you to watch popular and top rated movies free on Kodi. The main section on Neo consists of TV Shows, Top movies, Popular Movies, TMDb search and Top rated movies.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is a fork of the popular Genesis add-on which stopped working recently. It is similar in terms of categories and content to old Genesis but with updated code. It has a lot of content like live channels, new tv shows, new movies, top movies, top shows and much more.


Alchemist is a special add-on for the movie buffs. It has a huge number of movies available in its catalog. Alchemist is available from the RedHood repository. Also, it has movies in 4k resolution so users can watch quality movies on their Kodi player.

At the Flix

This add-on is one of the must-have add-ons for movie lovers. At the flix is movies add-on developed by maverick. It has a ton of movies including 3D and 4k movies. Basically, this is one stop for all high-quality movies on the Kodi.


Atomic is a new exodus as an add-on from the atomic repository. It has an updated code from exodus with the new layout. The atomic add-on has a great number of movies and television series with perfect categorization.

HD box

HD Box lives to its name and delivers only HD or more resolution content to its users. Low-speed internet is not your issue then this might be must have Kodi add-on for you. HD Box offers new and old both type of movies of high-quality streaming options. What I most liked about this add-on is it has categorized every movie according to its year so the user does not have much problem to find any movie.


Gaia is a Kodi addon for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrents, Usenet, hosters, and video streaming services. It can be downloaded from Dimitrology repository. It will be one other best Kodi Add-on I have ever used. It offers the variety of content with different streaming quality options. The main section of this add-on contains Movies and Tv shows from various sources.

Death Streams

The Death Streams addon is a fork/update of the popular Stream All The Sources (SALTS) streaming addon. It scrapes links to movies and TV shows from several unofficial streaming sites like openload and gathers them in one place for easier access. It has a lot of HD and other high-quality content of movies and tv series.


After some time being offline Exodus is back online on Kodi. It can be downloaded from many repositories like Kodi Bae, XvBMC, Kodil, and TKNorris Repository. It is still the best available add-on for the streaming free Movies and tv shows. Exodus provides a large number of streaming options for videos and with high-quality versions.


Emerge Kodi add-on that cannot be downloaded from Juggernaut repository. Emerge is latest and updated add-on on Kodi player. The main menu has sections of Movies, TV shows, Music, IMDb and TMDb search. This add-on has a very great number of movies and tv shows.


Game of Thrones fans are familiar with Dothraki term but this add-on does not offer the game of thrones. It includes women fitness, men fitness, documentaries, horror and live tv channels. Dothraki add-on is available on Illuminati repository that combines other add-ons into one add-on.


Covenant is a fork of the most popular Kodi add-ons Exodus and Genesis. Mainly, it offers movies and television series from around the world. It has a category of top movies, top shows, new shows and new movies. Also, you can save your favorite ones in your folder too.


DigiBox is another modern video add-on from the digital repository. It mainly offers television series and documentaries from various sources. It is mainly add-on for those with a Real Debrid to watch videos but it also pulls standard links from other sources.


Evolve is most reliable Kodi add-on because of a wide variety of shows and movies are available on this add-on. The main section of this add-on consists of Latest movies, top movies, all-time best movies, top tv shows, popular movies, popular tv shows and more. in sports menu, you can find different games available here.

Fright Night

Fright Night is ass-on you are looking for if you are into horror movies and horror tv shows. Fright Night is available on Illuminati repository. Your love of horror movies will be satisfied here with a large number of high-quality horror movies and horror tv shows. It has folders about top 100 horror movies, Collections, Fright Night TV and more.

TV Mix

TV Mix is a special add-on for the TV shows and Tv series released by Metal Kettle. Tv mix features super-fast streaming and high-quality video options. You can install this add-on from Metal kettle repository. Only down point of this add-on is that you have to try 3-4 links for any video to be able to play any video. the main menu of TV Mix offers New Lates Episodes, Most Watched Today, New Series, Popular Series, Genres and Search Series.

Best Kodi Sports Add-ons

Adryan List

Adryan list add-on is mainly for sports content but it also provides movies and tv series. This add-on is one of the most successful add-ons o Kodi and available for many years now. Many good add-ons were shut down by officials but Adryan list kept surviving that make it so popular.

Sport 365

It is a live IPTV add-on which pulls streaming from the popular live channels. Thousands of hours of contents is streamable on this add-on from various sources. Tennis, Football, Golf, and basketball are the main games covered by this add-on. Also, the major sports tournaments are available on Sports 365.

Knock out

Knock out is dedicated boxing add-on that offers videos about boxing matches. It contains matches of Muhammad Ali, Henry Loius, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson and many more. It has also sectioned all-time best matches of boxing. You can find older matches of boxing here that you can not find anywhere else easily.

Pure Sports

Pure sport is complete sports dedicated add-on that can be downloaded on the Pure repo. It includes most of the world’s popular games like football, tennis, F1 Racing and more. The main sections of this add-on include Boxing MMA, Cricket, Darts, F1, Football, Rugby, Sports Channels, and WWE.

Sports Devil

Sports Devil is among the oldest Kodi add-ons, it has been offline and online over the years. There are numerous add-ons made using Sports Devil’s code but the number of links and content was never up to the original sports devil. The main sections include categories like Blogs, Highlights, Live Sports, Sports TV, and Live TV with a lot of sections and subsections.


If you are into gaming then you might know Twitch, it is live streaming service for gamers. A lot of newbie gamers watch their favorite gamers play games on Twitch. This add-on pulls those streams from the Twitch website caters them on the Kodi platform. Once you installed this add-on you can start to watch gamers playing your favorite games.


If you are looking for any sports plugin that would satisfy your craving for live sports action and international sports sparkle is for you. Sparkle is dedicated sports add-on for Kodi from the Incursion repository. This add-on pulls its stream from Reddit and Acestreams. The main section of Sparkle includes NBA, NFL, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, Motorsports and live TV links.

Best Kodi Kids Add-ons


If you are looking for an add-on that can provide you cartoons for your kids or for yourself Animania is the best add-on to look. From mickey mouse to tom and jerry, all the cartoons are available on this add-on.


If you are a parent and looking for educational videos for your kid then this add-on might help you find videos you need. Kidstube is pure kids dedicated add-on for Kodi. It offers kid-friendly movies, shows, and cartoon. It can be downloaded Kodil repo.

Anime GO

As the name suggests Anime GO is made for anime fans. More than 500 anime movies and series are available on this add-on. It has very faster load rate and very little buffering but the video quality is not so good. If you are not obsessed with HD this plugin is definitely for you.


Cartoon8 Kodi add-on is not only for kids related cartoon but it also has great anime shows which adults also like to binge watch. This is the best add-on for cartoon because it just recently updated and has a huge library of shows and videos of cartoon and anime.


Funimation is anime video on demand service on Kodi player. It is official Kodi add-on and also listed on Kodi website. Mainly, it offers anime shows like Fairy Tail, Drifters, Death Note and My Hero. Just like its name, it is really fun with the animation. If you love the anime shows you shouldn’t miss out this add-on.


Toonamania is add-on specially developed for the kid’s genre, it offers various kind of cartoons and anime. It has a variety of cartoons in different languages like tom and jerry, mickey mouse, Popeye etc. You will find every popular cartoon and anime in this amazing add-on for Kodi. This add can be downloaded from Kodil repo.

Best Kodi live IPTV Add-ons

Aragon Live

Aragon Live is IPTV add-on in which you can watch live tv channels right into your Kodi player. It is available on Blamo repository. I tried some of the channels and all were working fine. It has different categories for channels, Aragon Live and Aragon LiveNetTV.

The Resistance

The Resistance is live IPTV add-on which is so popular among Spanish users. However, it has also quite a number of English and USA channels. If you are looking for Spanish channels and don’t mind some English channels too you can have this add-on for live TV.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV is an awesome add-on for streaming movies and tv streaming. It can be downloaded from Mav repo. Like any other video streaming, this also offers tv shows and movies. It also has the main section of 4k UHD movies which are very great in terms of video quality. Apart from movies and shows it has live sports section in which you can find sports action live.


This legally available Kodi add-on provides live TV to Kodi users. Users can also opt for their premium service for some charge. This Add-on is the easiest and legal method to watch US TV channels. USTVNow can be added to your Kodi from the Kodisrael repository.


This is another IPTV add-on which lets you watch television channels online free. BAMF TV is made by oblivion builds. BAMF TV allows users to watch sky movies, live sports, live television channels. The great thing about this add-on is that it has two servers so if one goes down you can switch to another one to watch live channels.

Black Ghost

Black Ghost is live IPTV add-on for your Kodi. It mainly provides high-quality latino tv channels. This is the ultimate destination for all the Latino television channels. Black Ghost addon for Kodi covers everything you would like to watch including live sports, TV shows, latest episodes, movies and a lot more.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is the most popular live IPTV add-on for live tv channels. they also have their website to watch live tv on the browser. I checked this add-on and found that it has the maximum number of channels from all around the world and most of all is working properly.

Phoenix Reborn

It is the successor of the lately popular add-on Phoenix. It is a Multilanguage add-on for Kodi. It is available in German, Spanish, and many other languages. It has live IPTV channels as well as Folders for Movies, Documentaries, World Music, and much more.



Chronos is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Skydarks Repository. It offers live tv channels from different countries like Germany, Italy, Austria and so on. It also offers Radio, movies, concerts, hockey. Chronos is a very good add-on if you are looking for stable and good live IPTV add-on for your Kodi Player.


Insomniac is an IPTV add-on from the Illuminati repository. This is the add-on to accompany you on the sleepless nights. It has a ton of amount that will surely help to kill the time when you can not sleep at night. Apart from live IPTV, it has Action, Animation, Movies, Christmas Movies, Comedy Movies, Documentaries, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, Horror Movies, Mafia Movies, Movie Night, Musical Movies, Mystery Movies, Random Movies, Romance Movies sections.


You may have tried a lot of IPTV add-ons for Kodi but this is the best in terms of quality and quantity IPTV add-on for your Kodi player. Apart from regular US, UK, Greece, Portugal, Germany and other television channels this add-on also offers radio channels from USA and UK.


Zem TV is the among those add-ons which provides quality videos and live channels. Zem Tv is popular for its Bollywood collection of movies and Indian live channels like &pictures and star channels. It doe also have sports and other genres content as well that you will like. The main section includes Indian channels, Pakistani channels, Movies, Sports, Talkshows etc.


If you watch tv non-stop and continuously craving for something to watch, Non-stop IPTV Kodi add-on can help you. This video add-on is offered by Monsters Live Repository. Its main attraction is the 24/7 tv and other contents. It does live up to its name provides non-stop content so users can have non-stop entertainment.

The main sections in Non-Stop incudes Sections include 24/7 TV shows, 24/7 Kid’s Klub, 24/7 world News, Live World Cams, Round the Clock Music, and Random 24.


Selfless is live IPTV add-on from Bookmark repository with a live stream of channels from various countries. It does have the option of the video on demand from the add-on. Other sections of selfless include 24/7 Shows, WWE, Sports Heaven, Olympic, Manual Links etc.


SET TV is premium Kodi plugin for the SET TV. It can be downloaded from official repository list. This is original and official Kodi plugin so you will get unlimited and uninterrupted live IPTV on your Kodi. For new users trial period is also available. In this add-on, you will get more than 500 channels live on Kodi plus video on demand service.

Live Tube

This is live IPTV Youtube add-on by fusion repository. This is completely legal add-on because it pulls up videos from videos from YouTube which are free to watch. Live Tube has the live option and also you can watch replays of what you have missed live. The main section includes Featured, Live Now, Animals, Gaming, Mobile, News, Recent Live Streams, Sports, Technology, Upcoming Live Streams and Webcam Live Streams.

Ultimate IPTV

Ultimate IPTV is unofficial video add-on for Kodi, it scraps IPTV links from the web and caters them into the add-on. It can be available from Simply Caz Repository. It does have a lot of sports channels to watch matches of different games. The main section has categorized channels from languages that are English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Dutch and German.

Logan tv

If you live in the United States, Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Germany or  Italy and you want to live sports action this add-on can help you catch those matches free on your Kodi. All the channels available on this add-on is in XML format so they load quickly.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is sports and IPTV add-on developed by the Mullafabz. It has all sports matches and live coverage of the matches of all type of sports in different countries. This add-on includes Sports Channels, Football Highlights, Country Channels, Live Football, Live All Sports, Live PPV Events, Sports Shows, IPTV Heaven, Movies and Documentaries about players

Best Kodi all-in-one Add-ons 

Area 51

Area 51 is all on one add-on which has a library of UK and USA live IPTV, movies, 3D movies, TV shows, Music videos and much more. This is the only add-on you need for all the entertainment you desire.

Atom Reborn

Atom reborn is a newer version of the popular all in one Kodi add-on. In the main menu, you get live TV, Ultra HD, Documentaries, standup comedy, music and much more. It has its own repository so you guess how much popular this add-on is.


BMC is entertainment add-on from boom repository. BMC stands for the Boom Media Center. It is live IPTV add-on for television channels around the world. BMC is a fork of the popular Covenant add-on. It offers everything from news to movies.

Brain Drain

Rock Crusher repository has made this add-on for YouTube users on Kodi. This add-on stream and plays YouTube videos directly to your TV, PC or smartphone. It has created many sections of YouTube videos like funny, conspiracy, UFOs, sports, comedy and much more.

Channel Pear

Channel PEAR offers up over 1000 live streaming channels. Channel PEAR is a popular website that lets you watch TV channels and different kinds of live streams. What makes Channel Pear unique among other is that you can also personalize your data on this add-on and add those things you want.


Chappa’ai is MetallicQ fork that allows to pass and stream from different add-ons installed on your Kodi player. Basically, it is an add-on that makes your Kodi player all-in-one streaming solution. If you have used MeatallicQ and looking for its alternative because it stopped working lastly this is a great add-on for you.

Diamond Cinema

This is a video add-on for Kodi player from Diamond wizard repository. It has sections of Cinema, Horror, Urban, Music and more. Mainly most of the videos are pulled from the Youtube. Diamond cinema is the best add-on for those who love to watch good videos on YouTube from different categories.

Electa Vault

Electra Vault is all-in-one add-on from Supremacy repository. It offers a huge content library in different categories like Movies, Series, Music, Videos and so on. Video qualities are up to the 4k resolution. All new movies are updated regularly in this add-on so you will not miss any popular show or movie.


If you are looking for video add-on that can provide numerous videos in various categories this might be the best option for you. Eyasses is developed and available on Aj Builds repository. It has cooking, documentary, fitness, faith, movie, horror, chill, CCTV, movies, and shows. As I said earlier this is the best video add-on you can get.


Goose is another video add-on from looking glass repository. It offers movies, tv shows, documentaries, music, live sports, gaming, Xtreme sports, kids etc. Also, it has request feature so you can request ant movie or tv show that you want on Goose.


Joshua is video add-on from Griffin repo for Kodi. Main sections include Documentaries, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, and TMDB movie list. Just like other general video add-ons, this offers movies and tv shows from different categories. Features item on Joshua add-on is boxing, you can catch live action boxing on Joshua.


Juggernaut combines all the popular add-ons like Cesar, I Am Absolem, Emerge, Film Noir, I.C.U, Timber Wolf, Mystique, Roger into the one add-on. Due to combining of all the add-ons library of Juggernaut is so huge. You can find anything and everything on this massive add-on. This can be an only add-on you need on Kodi.


Loki is the god of mischief in the movie Thor, developers of this add-on has taken this name for the same. It is a new Kodi video Addon from All Eyez On Me Repository. The main folder includes Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids, Music, and WWE along with many subfolders.

Man Cave flix

Man can Flix is the 2018 all-in-one add-on for Kodi. Being latest among the other add-ons make it make more secure and more resourceful. It has a larger number of streaming option and video quality options. The main folder of Man Cave Flix includes Movies, TV shows, Music, and fitness videos.


Midian is another all-in-one add-on from Where The Monsters repository. The main section includes movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, fitness, and more. Also, it has live webcam streaming from the various places.


Mobdina is new Kodi add-on from Play On Monkey repository. It has sections for Channels, Movies, Music, News, Shows, and Sports. It uses API from Mobdro to pull streaming of movies and shows from various sources.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch offers Movies, TV shows, Chill Out, World TV, World Cams, Fitness, Documentaries, Radio Stations, Cartoons, Tube Sports, and Tube Music. It automatically selects best streaming options and plays from that server, you just need to select the quality of the video.

Neptune Rising

You might have read our guide to install Neptune rising if you haven’t, be sure to check it out because Neptune rising is the must-have add-on. It is offered bt the Blamo repository. It has the very good layout and videos are sectioned according to their genres. Neptune Rising is also a fork of the Covenant.

It offers content in 11 categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Top Movies, Playlists, IMDB User Lists, Critters Corner, What The Fork?, My Movies, My TV Shows, and tools.


Picasso is video add-on from Goliath repository which includes a lot of contents. It is one of those all-in-one add-ons which offers shows, music, documentaries, music and much more. It has quite a list on the main section which includes all various genres like  Find It, Movie Madness, Telly Box, Sports, Tunes, Docutainment. Keep fit, LOL, Talk To Me, Little Ones, How to and Magic and Get Scared.


Looking for the most powerful all-in-one Kodi add-on your search will end is here. Skynet is the most popular and powerful Kodi add-on right now. This add-on groups together movies, TV shows, sports programming, live TV, and music. The best thing about this add-on is that it works totally error free and buttery smooth.


SpinzFlix is latest video add-on for Kodi from Spinz Tv repository. It offers videos of movies, TV shows, and kids content. It automatically chooses the best streaming link and plays the video automatically you just have to mention you want it HD or SD. The main folder of SpinzFlix includes Movies, TV shows, and kids. There are a lot of subsection in these 3 sections.

Stream HUB

Stream HUB is a popular Android app for streaming movies and tv shows on the smartphone. Recently, they developed Kodi add-on for their service and they are delivering quality content to the Kodi users. Just like any other Kodi add-on, its main section includes Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Documentaries, Kids Corner, Sports, 24/7 TV, Anime and more.


SupraBox is all-in-one Kodi add-on with lots of categories from Looking Glass Repository. It offers Movies, ONTV, IMAX Docs, Planet Earth, Music Videos, football, Boxing, F1 Rewind, ESPN, Bud & Terence, PopcornFlix Movies, LifeTime, YouTube, Sports, and more. The movies and shows are available in 720p, 1080p, DTS and 4k UHD resolution.


Supremacy is an all-in-one add-on that offers a lot of quality content like 4k and 3D movies and videos. Apart from 3D and 4k movies, it offers Live TV, IPTV, Kids Movies, New Releases, TV Shows, Movies A to Z, Box Sets, and live sports. It also has the feature to automatically select the best streaming link from given video quality.

Dog Bollocks

The Dog Bollock is full all-in-one Kodi add-on from the Maverick repository. This add-on is comparatively new than another add-on so it is more secure and powerful than other add-ons. The main section of the Dog Bollocks contains Movies, Cams, Catch Up TV, Documentary, Kids, Movies, Music, Radio and Sports.

The Lab

The lab is new video add-on which provides content that most Kodi users desire – Movies and TV shows. It is very easy to use and easy to navigate in sections. Everything in this add-on is well laid-out out and easy to find. It has a good range of content and most of the video has a high number of streamers available.


Unjudged is a full pack of entertainment add-on for Kodi. It is all-in-one type add-one which includes Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, Catch-up, Sports, Fitness, Comedy, Anime, Documentaries, Kids, Music, News, and adult in sections.

Urban Kingz

One of the best latest Kodi add-ons is Urban Kingz, it is developed by Urban Kingz Team. It has an enormous library of content ranging from movies, tv shows, sports and other types of video content. It does also have 4k and 3D movies.


The verdict is all new all-in-one add-on for Kodi from Judgement repository with have a section for almost every entertainment genre. The main folder of add-on includes Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, Catch-up, Sports, Fitness, Standup Comedy, Anime, Documentary, Kids, Music, News and more. Also, it does have a lot of subsections in these sections so you will miss out anything to watch.


The Cosmic Saints Repository has introduced this all-in-one add-on for Kodi users who love to watch every type of content. You have to install F4mTester to get most of this add-on features. Apart from search, it has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Kids Corner, Sports Menu. Live TV list, Music, Trakt TV, Adults Corner, and Real Debrid.

White Devil Streams

This is also an all-in-one add-on that provides tv shows, movies, documentaries, sports, kids and many other video categories. White Devil streams is quite an old add-on but its content is reliable and updated frequently. It has a huge number of the content list that will find hard to watch everything. Also, It does have special sections for kids and ladies videos.

Other Best Kodi Add-ons

Final Gear

Fifth Gear add-on is all about Cars, it offers cars show from around the world. This add-on is specially designed for the car lovers worldwide and has some of the top car shows like Final Gear, Clarkson Full Collections, Pimp my Ride, Final Gear, Fifth Gear and much more. It can be downloaded from final gear repo. You cannot miss this add-on if you are a car fan.

Fisherman’s Friend

As the name suggests this is an add-on that will help you make your fishing skills more accurate. It consists shows all about fishing techniques and procedures. It is developed by team Looking Glass repository. Sections in this add-on include Carp, Barbel, TV shows, YouTube, and Game fishing shows.

Ares Fitness

If you are the one who loves to watch fitness videos online to motivate yourself to become a better version of yourself. This add-on will cater you some best video content that you can add to your fitness routine and make yourself healthier and stronger. It has videos about stretching, pre workout, post workout, diets and much more.

Kodi Karaoke

Do you love to sing karaoke? Or you want to be a singer but you don’t feel to sing in public Kodi karaoke has a solution for you. It has songs without vocal tracks and lyrics so you can sing along the tune to make your singing skills better. You can also join mic to the system and make it fully functional karaoke booth.

MP3 streams

MP3 stream is an add-on for listening to your favorite songs on Kodi player. It offers unlimited songs streaming for free. It can be downloaded on Illuminati repository. This add-on has a great number of songs categorized in various sections. The main folder includes Top albums, New albums, Billboards top 100 and more. It provides an option to create a playlist for your favorite songs.

Subtitles – OpenSubtitles

This is the official subtitle add-on from popular subtitle website OpenSubtitles. OpenSubtitle will automatically load subtitles for your preferred language in any movie or TV show. Most of the time you get subtitles without doing anything if your file name is proper if not you can also search manually for the subtitle.

TuneIn radio

If you are a radio fan in this era of the Internet you must have heard of TuneIn Radio which provides radio on the internet. This add-on pulls up those radio station and streams to your Kodi. This is the great add-on form radio and music lovers. You can also add your custom address of the radio and it will stream those radio channels for you in Kodi. You must have to check out this add-on if you like to listen to music on the radio.


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