Top 10 Alternatives to Kickass Torrents / cr [2018]

best kickass alternative

Day to day our technology is getting evolved and in this modern world, nearly everything is possible with all those technologies and software. This software may get costly at times and this is the reason why Torrent like sites has been built. Torrent like sites has every kind of software which is available on the market legally but then you have to pay the gruesome amount of money. So basically unless and until you are not conducting any business with the contents/software available on the torrent sites, you are free to download anything and everything found on the torrent site. These sites are totally illegal in numerous places because a high percentage of the piracy comes from these sites. You can get all the latest movies in HD format from these sites as well, sometimes even on the day of release of the film. The contents of these sites are uploaded by persons like you and me only.

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These sites are useful for students in general because it may cost like 3-4 k bucks for software in the legal market but students can get that for free from sites like these. You can also choose from different versions of software, furthermore after downloading that software if you don’t seem to like the software then you can uninstall it or maybe there was a calamity for which all the data of your computer gets erased. In such situation, it will not cost you as you can download that software again for free of cost.

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Kickass torrents were largest and popular among the other torrent sites but due to some legal problems, it got shut down. Torrents is such a thing that even if you put a ban on one site than ten more new alternatives of that site will appear by the next day and hence here are some of the Alternative to Kickass torrents/

1. The pirate bay

pirate bay


The Sweden based bit torrent site is one of the oldest torrent sites present and is still active since 2003. This site was launched on 15 September 2003. The pirate bay was created by Gottfried Svartholm, Fredrick Neij and Peter Sunde. This works similarly as the other torrent sites like providing magnet links for the digital contents like softwares, movies and music albums out there.  This is the most visited site after the shutdown of the kickass and katcr like sites. They deliver their services in about more than 30 languages. Due to the copyright act they were operating their services by maintaining different domains and thus staying active for the public. The pirate bay is also known as TBP in short.

More features

  • You can search for contents or download them as magnet links or torrent files.
  • You can even contribute magnet links for various digital contents.
  • The working of this site is based on peer to peer connection among different users of the bit torrent community.
  • The Revenue they get is from the Advertisements, merchandise, monetisation and donations.
  • The alexa rank of the site is 95 as per July 2017 and thus you can imagine how much popular the Pirate bay site is.
  • There are registration options in the site and you can register for free as well.
  • You can get the latest movies and games easily. The downloading of movies does not take much time once started.
  • There are no reported broken links in the site as of now.The movies and games are that of high quality. But there are Chances of getting malwares with your desired file and also there is no or less seeds and hence have to wait for downloading.

The link to the site is

2. Limetorrents

lime torrents

Lime torrentz is more like a search engine rather than the traditional torrent site. It features all the torrents from the other torrent site. So if you search something in lime torrentz, it will return the result in the form of list of the same file from different torrentz site.

Other features

  • The torrents here are sorted according to the category and it has got an amazing one click download feature as well.
  • You can comment on different torrent files or can read comments from other users for the genuineness of the file.
  • Limetorrents has an alexa Rank of 1901 which is pretty good for a site like this.
  • The best thing about lime torrents is that it has got all the torrents sorted out in the form of movies, application, albums, games etc.
  • You can even narrow down your search by selecting one of these options.
  • Furthermore you will find size, seed, health and leach against every torrent so you can choose the better torrent
  • There is a sign in option as well which can be used to upload torrent files as well to help others like you.
  • The site is well maintained as after opening the site you may get all the popular torrents listed according to the category. In every category you will find the top 50 of the torrent. For example if there is a list of movies then in that list you may find all the popular 50 movies listed.
  • The Limetorrent site is not available in many countries due to copyright infringement and legal issues. To access the lime torrents site you need to install a VPN extension on your browser and can access the site without any restriction.

You can access the site from the link given here which is


RARBG torrent

One of the oldest website in the Torrent family is the RARBG.The website was launched on 2008 and since then it is serving its visitors. The website is very user friendly and it has lot of amazing features apart from downloading magnet links or torrent files of digital contents. This site is more like Indexing torrents in their site, so you may get your desired torrents and magnet links that are uploaded on the other Torrent sites. As this site is also a Website under the torrent project where are getting paid digital contents for free of cost and hence this feature is responsible for violation of those Digital Contents and copyright Infringement and hence you can use a Virtual Private Network like Zenmate or you can use any proxy services to gain access to their site and download your desired contents without any hassle.

Other features

  • You can see all the notification of the site in the left sidebar.
  • There is other news on the right side of the screen.
  • You can download Movies, XXX, TV shows, games, music, and software at your desired quality.
  • The site has an Alexa Rank of 280 of August 2016.
  • This sites hosts over 300 thousands visitors everyday and you can just imagine how much popular, the site is.
  • RARBG was once, closed for one week due to pressure from higher authorities but then it started to serve its visitors again.
  • This site is blocked in various countries like Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal and Pakistan.

The link to their site is given here RARBG

4. TorrentZnew


Torrentznew is one other torrent site which is a good alternative for the Kickass torrent. It is more like a stand in for the original site.

More Features

  • This site indexes torrent files and magnet links from more than 80 other torrent websites.
  • This site currently features over 61,109,010 torrents from 80 other domains and 241,386,221 pages.
  • Torrentznew has a very similar interface and design to that of
  • Before got blocked, it was very popular and visitors typically used to download movies and software most of the time from and now Torrentznew is the exact replica of and functions exactly as same as its predecessors.
  • Torrentznew is however not yet blocked on many places but it may be blocked in near future. So if you are unable to access the site then you can use any of the Virtual Private network services. This VPN will help you to access the site with ease.


The link to Torrentz2 is


5. RU tracker


Ru Tracker is one another site of the Torrent family; however the website is fully designed in Russian language hence if you are not comfortable with Russian language then you can switch to other site given on the list. However if you can understand the basics of the site and its functionality then you can easily access the site.

More Features

  • This website is also a file sharing community with high traffic and its predecessor was
  • This site has a high popularity in Russia.
  • Recently in 2016 the website was blocked due to copyright infringements. But it is still accessible in the Google search results.
  • The user interface of the website is however very simple if you know Russian language like you can easily access the magnet links and torrent files.
  • As this is a file sharing website, hence you can share your softwares or albums or movies as well.
  • This website was blocked by Local internet service providers due to violation of terms of services and lawsuits but however you can always use a proxy server to download your desired files from the site or else you can use the use a VPN service as well.

The link to the website is

6. Popcorn Time

popcorn time

You have seen many subscription based services and might have subscribed to some of them but the more the extensibility, more is the cost added with it. Imagine getting those same subscription based services for free of cost.

More features

  • Popcorn time is a website based and is a free bit torrent client that falls under multi- platform use.
  • The popcorn time is totally a free to use website.
  • This is available under various operating systems like Android OS, windows, Mac OS and Linux OS.
  • The website was initially launched on March 17 2014.
  • This website mainly focuses on streaming movies, episodes of series or albums and that too free of cost. You do not have to subscribe for their services too.
  • The interface is more like the Netflix where you will be presented with thumbnails and by clicking the desired thumbnail of your choice; you can stream the movies or your favourite serials.
  • Sometimes it may say that your URL has been blocked by government restrictions. In that case you can always use a VPN service to access popcorn time

The link to popcorn Time is


7. Yts.Ag

yts torrent

This is yet another bit torrent client which gives you movies that are downloadable at 1080p. The movies are available just few days after the release in 1080p which are not available in most of other free movie streaming or downloading sites.

More Features

  • You can choose from 720p or 1080p and you can also choose between a 2D version of a movie and a 3D version as well.
  • You can browse older movies even from this website.
  • Whenever you hover over the thumbnails, you can get the details of the movie such as IMDB rating, genre or year.
  • The User Interface is very simple and you can download any movies available with the site easily in HD format.
  • You can even register and sign in later to use their other features.
  • The website has a search bar as well which works tremendously fine.
  • On opening the link you will get message, which says that you should download movies with a secured VPN only and in such a way you can escape any copyright Infringement associated you’re your IP address.

The link to their site is

8. Isohunt

isohunt torrent 

This is an online repository and website that indexes torrent files. This site is very similar to other alternative sites and has much resemblance to and kickass. The site was launched in 2003 and since then it witnessed a torrent indexing of 13.7 million and 20 millions peers along with 7.4 million visitors as of 2007.

More Features

  • The site hosted almost 400k unique searches every month and on 2008 it passed 1 petabyte indexed torrents mark.
  • The site has a cool design and user friendly interface and is very similar to other torrent indexing sites.
  • The revenue of this site is generated by online advertising, donations and paid membership.
  • This website was created by Gary hung and the owner is
  • The alexa rank of the site is 2888 as of august 2016 which is very low for a torrent site and this is because of the legal cases. But as a torrent indexing site this website works cool.
  • The registration is not mandatory though but if you want to upload any torrent file then you need to register first.
  • Since this is a torrent indexing site hence it may cause problems while accessing the site. Therefore it is always recommended to access these type of sites with the help of a Virtual private Network or you can also use proxy services.

The link to this website is

9. Torrent project

Torrent Search Project is a Meta search engine for torrent records, which solidifies joins from other prominent torrent facilitating pages, for example, Extra Torrent.

More features

  • It has been recommended as an alternative option for the now shut site and Kickass Torrents
  • Its file incorporates more than 8 million torrent documents.
  • It has been said to have a perfect, straightforward interface.
  • Beyond permitting torrent records of well-known movies it additionally holds self-created content.
  • The URL was a piece of a 2014 United Kingdom High Court choice, which requested it to be blocked.
  • It has an API that permits the search capacity to be coordinated into applications, and the news-site Torrent Freak has proposed that permit gushing in the future, and it has received the Torrents Time module.
  • If you find any problems while accessing the site then you can use a Proxy server or a Virtual Private Network to access the site.

The link to the website is

10. is another bit torrent client and which is currently inaccessible with normal networks.

More features

  • This site index different torrent files and also shares the magnet links associated with any files.
  • The global rank of globally is 4,783 and the reason for this is because not everybody is used to this website.
  • The website is quite fast as there are very few traffic in a given time.
  • You will be fascinated to know that, despite this site is inaccessible in India but 50% of the traffic of this site is from India alone while the USA hosts only 5.7% visitors and Japan holds the lowest of all.
  • This site is currently inaccessible if you do not use a VPN service or any other proxy services. Upon using a VPN service you can easily get torrent files and the magnet links associated.

The link to the site is


These websites are built to let you enjoy the movies and software free of cost. Basically, you can term them as subscription free services. But nowadays restrictions in these websites are very intense and hence you should always take necessary measures before downloading content from such sites. The proxy servers and VPN’s will bypass the security and will be able to access these websites but that does not mean that you are untraceable. There can be a possibility of IP leak if you don’t use reliable VPN service and can get into a serious trouble. Hence it is always recommended to keep your identity hidden while using one of these websites. Torrent indexing websites are usually great for all especially the students but you should not take unnecessary advantage to meet your needs.