10 Best ISO Mounting software for Windows to mount iso files

Virtual CloneDrive

If you are looking for best ISO mounting tools or mounters for your windows PC or laptop then this article is for you!

Physical discs are a thing of the past and you would be hard pressed to actually find someone with a DVD drive in their systems. Virtual discs have successfully replaced the old physical discs but not every computer can open them natively, so today we will tell you the best ISO mounting softwares you can use on your windows pc or laptop without going through a lot of fuss. Here are some of the best iso mounter below.

1. WinCDEmu

WinCDEmuUsing WinCDEmu is extremely easy, all you have to do is install WinCDEmu and set it up. Once you have set it up all you have to do is double click on the ISO to mount it.

Unmounting an ISO is quite simple too, just right click on the drive your disc is mounted to and click Eject and it unmounts. WinCDEmu also lets the users make ISOs from their existing physical disc to store the data digitally.

Dowload WinCDEmu

2. Virtual CloneDriveVirtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive is another easy to use software which supports a variety of digital disc formats and allows the users to mount up to 8 discs at a time. Using it as easy as WinCDEmu and all you need to do is double click on the image or right click and mount them.

Although Virtual CloneDrive doesn’t support creation of ISOs it is very simple to use and light on resources, perfect for older hardware and systems with low spec hardware. As a bonus it supports all windows versions starting Windows 98 right up to Windows 8.1.

Download Virtual CloneDrive

3. MagicDisc

MagicDiscMagicDisc is an old school virtual disc mounting software, it doesn’t have a fancy GUI but it is loaded with features. MagicDisc gives you the ability to mount up to 15 discs at a time (I’m not sure what you’re doing mounting 15 discs together, hopefully nothing illegal). It also has advanced features like the ability to create and compress ISO files. With no GUI, one would question how would someone use MagicDisc? Well, it is completely based on the right-click contextual menu and it is extremely easy to understand and use. MagicDisc supports Operating systems starting from Windows 98 right up to Windows 8; make sure you download the appropriate version matching yourOS as there are multiple versions available.

Download Magic Disc

4. DAEMON Tools Lite

Daemon Tools lite

DAEMON Tools is one of the most well known name in the community but lately it has been having its fair share of problems, that’s where DAEMON Tools Lite kicks in. A simple no fuss virtual disc image mounting and creation software which offers every essential feature anyone would require.

4 discs can be mounted at any given point of time which is plenty for home and non-commercial use, which is free to use. DAEMON Tools Lite has a very clean GUI the users are able to view stored images which are catalogued and they can start mounting the files instantly.

Download Daemon Tools Lite

5. DVDFab Virtual Drive


DVDFab Virtual Drive is essentially DAEMON Tools lite on steroids, it is basically DAEMON Tools minus the adware and associated bloat you get with installing DAEMON Tools . DVDFab Virtual Drive offers the ability to mount up to 18 drive at once (I really hope you’re not getting in Legal trouble anytime soon).

DVDFab Virtual Drive allows you to create disc images from actual physical discs and it also allows you to make the newer Miniso Blu-Ray format ISO image along with the ability to mount from 8 different file types. This is a great tool for most Windows computers.

Download DVDFab Virtual Drive

6. Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

Virtual CDRom

If you’re still running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (I wonder why!) then this handy dandy tool will help you mount disc images as virtual CD-ROM drives on your system natively. The tool sadly isn’t supported by microsoft anymore but it doesn’t make the tool any less useful.

This tool was developed to add native support for mounting digital discs on older versions on Windows. Starting Windows 8 Microsoft incorporated this feature in the operating system itself. So anyone using Windows 8 and above, we highly recommend you stay away from this.

Download Microsoft Virtual CD-Rom

7. WinArchiver Virtual Drive

WinArchiver Virtual DriveFrom the creators of PowerISO, WinArchiver Virtual Drive is a neat tool to mount ISO files. It has the ability to mount up to 23 virtual discs at once (How do you even have enough hardware prowess to do this?) but that’s not all, it also has the ability to natively mount compressed files such as Zip, 7z, RAR, WIM, CAB etc. it works smoothly on every OS starting Windows 98.

Download WinArchiver Virtual Drive

8. Alcohol 52%

ALCOHOL 52% Alcohol 52% is a wee bit complicated to use but the free version allows the user the ability to mount 6 virtual discs at a time. It also comes with RMPS protection emulation which helps while mounting games or music discs. It also has an option to create images from physical discs.

Overall Alcohol 52% is not for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing when it comes to computers but if someone knows their way around the magical world of computers they will definitely appreciate this software.

Download Alcohol 52%

9.Windows Disk Image tool

The Windows disc Image tool is bundled with the newer version of windows especially windows 10. It is built into the operating system thus eliminating the need for an external software to mount digital images. It is also fairly easy to use, just right click on the ISO file you want to mount and click mount, it’s that simple.

10.Disk Utility Tool on Mac OS X

Similar to Windows, Mac OS X too has its own inbuilt ISO mounting tool which is fairly easy and straightforward to use. You can either double click the ISO file to mount it or manually navigate to Applications>Utilities to open the disc utility tool. Once open, tap the file drop down menu and select open disc image. It also works with other files types such as dmg, img, etc.

So this was our list of the best ISO mounting software you can use on your computers, we hope this list helps you in getting what your heart desires. If you face any trouble do let us know down in the comments and we will try to help you out.


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