10 Best Download Manager for Windows To download files quickly 2018

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Do you hate it when your download is 99% completed and your data pack runs out? Wouldn’t you the love to have the ability to pause a download and resume it after a while? Sadly our browsers are unable to do that, yet.

10 Best and Fastest Download Manager for Windows 2018

So In today’s list we will check out some of the best Download Managers you can download for your PC in 2018. Let’s check them out.

1) Microsoft Download Manager

We start our list with Microsoft’s very own download manager which is a very light software that is less than 2 MB in size but don’t be fooled by it’s small footprint as this is one of the simplest and one of the best Download manager you can download. It is compatible with almost all of the latest versions of windows starting Windows 7 all the way up to Windows 10.

It gives you the ability to pause and resume downloads at your will and that’s pretty much all it can do since the software is so light. It is a good software for someone who’s looking for basic download management and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that come with a heavier software.

2) Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is quite popular in the downloading community. It claims that it can increase the download speeds and stabilize the downloads. IDM has integrations with popular web browsers like chrome and Firefox but apart from this it also gives users the option to manage their downloads by a drag and drop system as well as using command lines to manage all the downloads. Other basic features are present as usual.

The only gripe we have with IDM is that it only offers a 30 day free trial after which a user needs to pay $29.95 which might not be feasible for everyone, but the price is justified for all the features it offers.

3) Free Download Manager

Free download manager or FDM as it is referred to in the downloading community is the potent combination of ease of use and being feature rich. It is very easy to use and understand and is a great alternative to IDM. like the others on the list FDM also claims to increase the download speed and for once it actually does with constraints ofcourse. The pause and resume download option is always a boon for the mere mortals who have used browsers all their lives.

Apart from the regular download, FDM also has the ability to download torrents which isn’t seen often in the download managers. It also offers the ability to save different files in individual folders which makes it a great complete file management solution.

4) Download Accelerator Plus

With the primary intention of boosting download speeds, download accelerator plus or DAP is another lightweight software which can help you get better download speeds for your system. One of the key feature for DAP is that it finds multiple download links for a single file which helps download it more stably and faster.

It also has support for downloading videos from YouTube as well as other popular video streaming sites. It also has the ability to convert YouTube files to MP3 and download them instantly. DAP is an easy to use software with clean and minimal UI, there are free as well as paid version available to download.

5) Ninja Internet Download Manager

If your are more inclined towards how things look rather than how they look Ninja Internet Download Manager is for you. NIDM comes with a clean and modern looking user interface which should satisfy even the harshest of design critics out there.

Design isn’t NIDM’s only redeeming quality, it also has enough features to backup the ninja branding. Apart from the usual acceleration for downloads, it also has an inbuilt media converter as well as a video streamer which can stream in upto 1080p. It also supports sequential file writing which allows the users to preview a file before the download actually finishes on their system, this feature only works with video and audio files though but we can’t complain. Ninja Internet Download Manager comes in both a free as well as a premium variant so take your pick and get downloading.

6) JDownloader

JDownloader is another free and open source download management software which packs in all the basic features in a neat and small package. The software is written in Java and allows the users to do all the basic things like Pause and resume downloads along with the option to download multiple files together, download content from mainstream platforms like Youtube etc.

Apart from windows, JDownloader is also available for Mac and some Linux Distros. It also has a feature that resets your IP address if your IP has been blocked by a certain host. This is a great piece of software for people who are power users and would like to tinker around a fair bit before they finally settle on final settings.

7) Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator or IDA for short is another free download manager but this time it comes with a toolbar that integrates with firefox and makes for an easier downloading experience. That is not to say that it doesn’t with with chrome and opera, because it does. IDA can automatically scan for viruses, allow for the use of hotkeys, change the user-agent information and automatically download files with certain extension.

It also allows users to check the contents of a RAR file before downloading to check if it has what it claims to have. IDA like many others on the list can download content from mainstream sites like Youtube and also allow the user to watch the video before it’s downloaded. IDA has both free and premium version to choose from, the premium version gives technical support, an AD-Free UI and 3 lifetime licenses.

8) EagleGet Download Accelerator

EagleGet Download Accelerator comes with a minimal UI and a very feature light operations as a lot of the people don’t use them anyway. It comes with media grabber which essentially allows users to grab files from streaming sites. It also allows the users to grab a video when no download option is provided. It can also check for malwares with the inbuilt antivirus software it comes with.

EagleGet Download Accelerator gets our mention here due to its ease of use and a clean and minimal user interface. It comes wit only the features required on a daily basis and is quite light on the system as well.

9) Orbit Downloader

A full fledge download manager Orbit Downloader comes with the ability to download anything you and everything the user wants, at an accelerated speed of course. Like many others on our list Orbit Downloader too offers downloading from various content hosts like youtube, Pandora etc. It comes with a relatively light user interface which is a lot less taxing on the system.

Orbit Downloader allows the users to set up a proxy so the users can download in privacy. It also offers RapidShare support which allows downloading from content hosting sites like Zippyshare etc. it is a nifty and light tool overall and we recommend you give it a try.

10) DownThemAll

Last but not the least, DownloadThemAll, is a Firefox extension which has the advanced download management built into the extension itself thereby eliminating the need for a standalone app. Yes,DownloadThemAll isn’t as powerful or feature rich as some of the others on this list but it still offers some great features like enhanced download speeds and download prioritization.

DownloadThemAll is a great download manager that can be integrated with firefox so well that it serves as your one stop solution. It also has the ability to rename things automatically saving you the hassle of doing it manually. It is the only download manager you will need if you are a light and occasional downloader. We definitely recommend it.

We hope our list of the best download managers help you choose between plethora of softwares out there and download the download manager that suits your specific needs. If you have any queries, do let us know below in the comments.


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